I Think We Can Work

It goes a little deeper than that. If you look harder you might find a complete love that I’ve been desperately trying not to let out; a love looking for any excuse or chance to escape. It gets out and I have to reel it back in, and it hurts, and it hurts to feel it pressing against my heart, and it hurts when it aches to get out, and it hurts when it comes out of the cracks that I can’t seal. I’ve tried to let it in to you. I’ve tried for you, I just want to see if you’ll try for me. I can’t afford to let it out unless you’re there.

A mythical beast appears on an ordinary newscast.

You don’t just put the moon or the stars in the night sky, you are the moon and the stars, and all the sky to me. You are the brightest light in my life.


Well the other school didnt have a pole vaulting team so it was just us. I was really close to getting second place but my pole knocked down the bar

So I guess you went bar down?

Can the coroner just go ahead and call it because in about six hours I’m going to be dead